BLOGS by John Neville Cohen

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Painting With Light is a term often used by photographers and these techniques have been described else where.  But a top international award-winning photographer, John Neville Cohen, has created his own ’special effect’ techniques without any darkroom or computer and his methods are really a unique way of ‘Painting With Light’!


How to Choose a Really Large Limited Edition High Value Print.


Interesting New Possibilities for Art Consultants and Interior Designers


A very unusual use of Kodachrome


A very different form of ‘Painting with Light’


Inspired Accidents Whilst Painting With Light


Free Course - Pure Photographic 'Special Effects' Without A Computer Or A Darkroom!




Aspects About Collecting Japanese Netsuke and Inro


Netsuke & Inro Really Belong Together!


All About Japanese Lacquer And Exquisite Sprinkled Pictures


Keeping and Handling Japanese Inro


Netsuke Cord Holes (himotoshi) 


The Fascination of Japanese Lacquer Inro and Boxes




Aspects About Collecting Chinese Snuff Bottles


Amazing Pictures From Flaws or Inclusions Found in Stones!


Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles – Heavy Stones That Really Float!


Antique Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottles


Antique Jade And Quartz That Will Float In Water!


Chinese Snuff Bottles – Sensations in Glass!


Collecting Chinese Snuff Bottles – Magical Stone Pictures!




About Very Special Jensen Classic Cars


The Manual Drive 541S Jensen British Classic Car


Spare Wheels Are So Inconveniently Stored In Modern Cars!




Asian Antiques


Some of the Wealthiest Chinese are Now Investing in 18th Century Jade!