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Zeshin inro and wood netsuke by Tomokazu.jpg (12466 bytes)

Wood Netsuke of a mouse eating a bean, the pod beneath him.
Japan, late 19th century.
Signed: Tomokazu, Gifu.
Provenance: Tomkinson Collection.

A good and rare four case tan Inro. The tan ground is decorated with three rats stealing eggs.  One pulls the tail of another, which lies on its back holding an egg, the third is peering into the bowl of eggs.  All in shades of gold, silver, and natural coloured takamakie with nashiji interior.  Signed: Zeshin (Shibata was his family name) probably an early work.


Netsuke, inro, ojime, lacquer works of art, snuff bottles, pendants jade & ivory carvings

All fully described by
Neil K. Davey
Robert Hall

An interactive, reference catalogue, of an exceptionally fine collection with over 645 colour photographs.

Originally published as a
but now available
as a web site

ISBN 0 9539341 0 1

Published by
ACTUALITY PhotoDigital

A valuable and beautiful reference work designed for the serious collector's library!

Chalcedony snuff bottle, pale grey with a russet brown skin exceptionally well carved to depict a mounted bannerman in full ceremonial regalia, galloping with his banner flowing behind him; his banner, hat, clothes and the trappings and the naturalistic forms of the horse all brilliantly carved and beneath the horse, a lingzhi; the bulbous bottle exceptionally well hollowed.

Chinese, 1750 - 1860

Well hollowed Chalcedony picture snuffbottle.jpg (19646 bytes)

Please note the text and photos are much larger on the CD-ROM than shown with these two examples.

Japanese collection
57 Netsuke.
62 Inro & lacquer works of art.
3 Ivory carvings.

Over 645 colour photographs including close-ups of signatures and seals.  Plus detailed descriptions with interesting, and important, new reference notes by the world's leading experts.

Chinese collection
82 Snuff bottles.
74 Pendants.
25 Jade & hard stone carvings.

Snuffbottles, pendants, netsuke, inro, lacquer boxes and jade carvings.jpg (69276 bytes)

This collection has since been split up and distributed to various family members
and some of the collection has subsequently been sold.

This digital reference book is far more versatile than the printed page and so easy to use.
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