From then on, we have driven every time, with the different seasons, each trip was a distinct experience and was more like a little holiday for us. 

We did have some incidents, unfortunately when driving along the Spanish coast there was a risk, especially if in a nice car, that someone would put a knife in one of your tyres.  The plan was that they would follow your car and point out that you have a flat tyre and then offer to help you, whilst really at every opportunity they would steal from you.  We had about three such happenings!  But luckily nothing got stolen, we just had the inconvenience of getting a new tyre. 

The worst time was the last time because we were driving back from Spain and still had our winter tyres on.  We had got to Valencia, and no one could find winter tyres for us (never needed this far South) our insurance company tried their best, but it took three days, and the only solution was to have two new summer tyres fitted.  So, we had three days in Valencia and had to change our hotel booking in France. 

The heat in Valencia was scorching so we spent one day in 'Sea World' and the rest of our time in Stores, or our hotel anywhere with air-conditioning. 

After 14 years our Audi had been wonderful, but to continue with this lifestyle we exchanged it and bought the BMW 3 series Grand Turismo, this car is faster and responds well. 

Helen and Andrew Waring

We got to know such a lovely couple Helen and Andrew, because we met Helen in our Spanish class, and soon got to know them both and their family.  Since then, we meet up whenever we can and always have an enjoyable time together, even though they are many years younger than us.  We were so delighted to be invited to their son John's wedding in England that we attended.

Helen, Andy, John and Charlotte

Trudy, Charlotte, John, Andrew and Helen Waring

Montana Tosina

We also have some new Spanish friends, who are much younger than us (they are about our son and daughter's age), and we feel privileged that they have chosen to keep in touch, ever since we met them during our first few years.  I first met Montana Tosina through the law firm that acted for us to buy our flat.  I soon found out that she is a qualified accountant and that she was the one that did our tax accounts. 

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