We had been so tired of the constant news about Brexit, which seemed to go on forever, and we are not sure it would be a good thing for anyone.  As the uniting of Europe had successfully put an end to wars, but now if it all breaks up, who knows!

Dangerous Virus, More Like a Plague

We had done our usual shopping on a Thursday, but we bought far less than usual, knowing that we were going to drive back to Switzerland in under a couple of weeks.  However, we needed some toilet paper, and found that if we bought a pack of twelve, they were on a special offer with quite a saving, so we bought two packs. 

We also ordered (using WhatsApp) enough of our medications to last till we would return here from our usual chemist.  We did not want to have to buy these in Switzerland as they cost so much more there, and we were able to collect everything three days later. 

Everyone had heard of the new Coronavirus and that there was no cure.  The news of it spreading throughout the world and the gradual increase of the number of deaths was worrying.  But we thought we were reasonably safe in our part of Spain and we had not realised what was going to happen.

There were so many rumours about how to avoid getting it, some people started wearing face masks all the time, but we soon learned that this horrible virus could remain dangerous on metal, clothes, almost everything that we touch!  So, everyone was told to keep washing our hands, with soap and hot water, more frequently, and for far longer than was usual.  People started greeting each other by bumping elbows.

On the following Saturday, we were told not to go out for at least the next 14 days.  This was when we found out that we belonged to the higher risk group, because of our age!  Apparently, supermarkets were running out of everything, because of panic buying, particularly of toilet paper!  At least we were lucky to have bought plenty, and we still wondered if we would be allowed to travel.

State of Emergency

A few days later Spain and most other countries suddenly announced a state of emergency, all shops, restaurants, and events were closed and cancelled.  Only supermarkets, chemists and hospitals were open.  People were told to avoid as much contact as possible and to stay at home.  No more kissing, handshakes, or hugs.  Since then, we were all told to keep three meters from each other.  The awful fact is that this virus could be spread by people, for quite a few days, before they ever had any idea that they were infected.  

So, without having a lot of food, we had to stay put and cancel our return to Switzerland, as the borders were all closed.  We also learned that the care-home in Switzerland would no longer allow any visitors, so there was no way we could be with Trudy's mother for her 99th birthday, which was the main reason for us wanting to travel.  Luckily, Trudy's mother was not concerned and told us she would rather forget about celebrating her birthday, as she has had so many, she could not care less about it.  

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