However, whilst things were getting so much worse everywhere, the Chinese managed to keep their public isolated and they were the first to have completely stopped the virus spreading. Some suggested they knew how to treat it before it was released.

Since then, the Chinese have become the owners, by buying up lots of the cheap shares of many major international companies that had established within China. All without any money having to leave China!

Mallard Ducks at La Alcazaba

On Wednesday 1st April 2020, our seventeenth day of being confined to our apartment and garden, there was a lovely surprise that ended as a drama! Although our walks round our garden are really pleasant, because of all the flowers and colour, on this day we found in one of our ponds, a Mallard duck with her nine ducklings, such little bundles of fluff, so sweet!


So, we ended up not walking as many times around as usual and instead we enjoyed watching them go from one pond to another. This was such an effort for the little ducklings as each time to get out, they had such a struggle, to jump high enough out of the water.

In the past we have seen a couple of Mallard ducks in our garden and in our swimming pool, often the female had two males with her. About two years ago, we saw ten little ducklings with their mother, happily using our ponds and the swimming pool.

Helping the Ducklings

After watching them for some time, I made a video of them all getting out of one of our ponds (with quite a lot of difficulty) and we were then intending to carry on with our walk, but we got a bit concerned when five of the ducklings followed their mother into another small pool with a waterfall, that is near to our swimming pool. Four of them remained watching and the mother soon came out, but the five remaining ducklings could not manage to get out, because the surrounding wall was that bit higher above the water.

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