Trudy's Birthday

We have continued to avoid being near too many people and have only eaten out occasionally but for Trudy's Birthday we did go out for a fabulous meal at 'El Cortijo de Ramiro' in Guadalmina. 

Happy Birthday Meal

Happy Birthday with Ramiro

It was great to find Ramiro again, he had catered for some of Mum and Dad's large parties, and it was nice that he remembered them after so many years.   Having not eaten out much over the last two years, this was even more of a treat, and we shared the Chateaubriand, which was superb as was everything we had. 

I confess that I did mention that it was Trudy's Birthday when I booked our table, so after the main course the staff came singing 'happy birthday' and they had put a candle in the middle of the Creme Brulé, which was to be my desert, but presented to Trudy first. 

We were also surprised by the number of people, that we did not know from nearby tables, which came to wish Trudy happy birthday before leaving. 

The 3rd Vaccination

We we’re concerned about how Trudy could be vaccinated, without having her passport, or her ID card, particularly as the officials refused to give Trudy her replacement Spanish resident card, even though we had a copy of the ID card and the police report.  We were told copies were not acceptable.

Once again, we asked Montana if she could help us, and she got us an appointment a few days later.  We thought this appointment was just to arrange a booking to be vaccinated.  But when we arrived, we were told we would have it right away.  We had been informed that by Royal decree all older people must have the flu jab too, so we were injected in both arms, and thank goodness we have not had any bad problems, just the usual pain in the arm that did not last many days. 

Helicopteros Sanitarios

We had booked our hotels for our drive back to Switzerland and we were planning to leave within a couple of weeks to arrive the week before Christmas. 

We have been members of Helicopteros Sanitarios (which is just a 5 minute walk from our apartment), ever since we arrived in 2002.  Included with the membership for the ambulance and helicopter service, is a 24 hour access seven days a week, to a doctor who will even come quickly to our home if needed, all without any extra charge. 

They have rebuilt the building, and it has become a small private hospital, whilst continuing with the helicopter and ambulance service for members.  Our membership also includes a discounted price for any specialist fees and any operations that they provide. 

Cancer Threat

Very soon after I had booked our hotels, Trudy became aware of a lump in her breast, she thought it could be a problem with a new bra, but to be safe we decided to see a doctor.  So we went to the Helicopteros hospital and they were wonderful, everything was done really quickly, the very small lump was removed and all was well, as it had been discovered so early.  Such a relief. 

Trudy stayed just one night and it was a wonderful service, the gynaecologists (three were involved) and the staff were so friendly, and the food in the hospital was of gourmet standard, really amazing!  

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