New Interest in My Photography

Recently, there has been what I consider a surprising change, serious photographers have preferred to go back to using traditional film cameras, rather than the digital system. Because of this, there has now been a renewed interest in how I created my special effects.

Projection Photography

I have seen on the Internet that there are lots of sites about ‘Painting with Light’, sometimes under ‘Light Painting’, but also often under what was a new phrase to me ‘Projection Photography’. This certainly seems to describe what my techniques were all about, so, I decided to edit my webpages to make sure they included the terms ‘Projection Photography’, and ‘Light Painting’, hoping that the search engines would also then list my pages under these headings.

Over the years I had not really tried to promote my photographic special effects, as I thought no one would be interested, because of all the digital software, the digital cameras, not to mention all the new mobile phones having digital cameras, I did not think anyone would want to go back to using film, especially as film had become expensive and hard to find. But because of this new trend I have been interviewed, and published in a few websites, and I have approached a few photographic museum curators who are showing some interest.  

The National Science and Media Museum

The Photography and Photographic Technology section of the National Science and Media Museum based in Bradford is closed for redevelopment, but Claire Mayoh (the archive and library manager) has confirmed that a public reference has been added: -  
Research Library Book database. 
Cohen, John Neville 
Painting With Light By Projection Photography: Pure Photography Using Light & Film.
Description: Essay and references to the pioneering technique developed by John Neville Cohen, which enabled the creation of ‘Spirit of Spring’, the first ever Kodachrome transparency that had both a portrait and a negative image of a tulip, on the same emulsion. [E-Resource]

Disturbing News Ivory Banned.

In order to protect the elephants all ivory could no longer be sold, or cross borders.  It could only be sold if you were able to register your item and successfully obtain an exemption certificate. Most auctioneers and dealers have decided not to accept any ivory items, even if known to be antique!  So, suddenly our ivory netsuke collection had little value.

Surprising News Ivory Netsuke Sold for €1m.

I was amazed to read the following news, as I had understood that Bonhams would not sell any ivory!
"No fanfare as ivory netsuke sets a new record. A new auction record for netsuke – over three times the previous high – has been set in France. An ivory netsuke of the monkey king Songoku by Matsushita Otoman which sold for €1m (£860,000) at Bonhams Cornette de Saint Cyr, Paris." Print edition 2601, 15th July 2023.

This auction had not been shown online and not advertised, it was only announced that some ivory netsuke would be auctioned immediately following a really good wood netsuke and inro auction - so the main buyers were only informed, once they were already there. 

One of our ivory netsuke is by Otoman and according to Neil K. Davey is a very rare and a unique subject by him. So, we started to consider selling our Ivory Zodiac netsuke collection.

The World is Becoming a Dangerous Place

We have been shocked and depressed by the brutal attack by the Hamas in Israel, resulting in war. Also by the amount of antisemetism around the world, the obvious bias of the press, who broadcast lots of Hamas lies, without any attempt to verify the truth. Generally the press was showing Israel in the worst possible way. The surrounding countries all have terrorists brought up to kill Jews, that were controlled and encouraged by Iran.  Russia invading the Ukraine and various other parts of the world seem set on becoming war zones.

An Amazing but Difficult Trip

We started our usual drive back to Puerto Banus from Switzerland, feeling rather concerned about the farmers in France and in Spain, who have been blocking the motorways at random for quite some time, all we could find out is that they suddenly move hundreds of tractors at various points to completely block all movement from 10:00am for the rest of the day. They are doing this as a demonstration against cheap imports, and the low income they have to try to survive on.

We had a good first day’s drive to our usual hotel in Orange, and were relieved at how well our day had gone, but on our second day we got on the motorway heading to Spain but were suddenly trapped, unable to get off the Motorway, all three lanes were at a stand still and for over an hour and a half we could crawl short distances only now and then. Some of the many lorries had parked in the nearside lane and the drivers were trying to sleep. We tried to leave the motorway at the Narbonne exit but this was blocked, luckily, the next exit was open and we took it, the nearest place was Carcassonne.

The Start of Our Adventure

We parked the car and I phoned our hotel in Villalonga to explain we were not able to come and to cancel our room, as the owner is a friend he cancelled our room without charge and saved us the same booking for the next day, without any commitment, only that we let him know if we can make it. Then I did some checking and as it was Valentines day we knew most good restaurants would be fully booked, but I found that hotel DonJon in the centre of Carcassonne had a room available and a special Valentines evening meal, it was very expensive, but the reviews were good, and I decided we would book it.

We had difficulty finding the hotel carpark, even with our navigation system, because to get to it we eventually found out that we had to go down a 'No Entry' road! The sign was misleading because the no entry sign had a small notice that indicated that it only applied about 80 meters further on.

From there we had a curtesy ride to the hotel in a very small car, Trudy bumped her head whilst getting in. We soon learnt why such a small car was needed, as the route into the castle was through very tight arches and very narrow cobblestoned passages. Our hotel was in the middle of this amazing castle (it is the biggest in Europe) and there are streets of little shops within the castle walls. Sadly we had no time to explore, I tried to find out what the roads would be like the next day, but without success.

Valentine Meal

It was soon time to go for our special meal which was at Chez Christine, next door to our hotel, and it was certainly very special, we had a wonderful evening. We were greeted with a glass of Champaign and Trudy was presented with a red rose. Then the only choice we had was to have the meal with wine, or without, and we decided to have the wine. But we didn't know what we had agreed to! We were presented with five courses and each one was delicious, but with each course they brought us a different glass of wine (that were so good) we enjoyed them all. We agreed that we had never had a meal like this before, it was wonderful.

Thank goodness the next morning after a good night we had an excellent breakfast and neither of us had any headache! Because I dreaded being stuck again on the motorway, I chose to set the navigation to avoid the motorways, and we set off on what turned out to be the most incredible drive across the Pyrenees mountain, we were nearly in Andorra at one time, the views and rock formations were breath-taking, the roads were narrow, lots of zigzag lanes and hair pin bends, it was spectacular and we eventually crossed the border into Spain.

We then altered the navigation back to include motorways and were so glad to find the road was clear so, we were able to carry on with our usual route, we called our Villalonga hotel and confirmed we would come and we had a nice stop-over. Lucky for us, the fourth day on our usual route went well, we had a useful place, where we always stop for a snack, past Murcia and we know its a place where the police often go, and we thought we would find out from them how the motorway would be nearer Malaga, there were four policemen there when we arrived, but they were not able to give us any information, which we struggled to find out, as not one of them spoke English.

The only thing that spoilt our arrival, was as soon as we got our luggage into our apartment, I had diarrhoea and was sick at the same time! We must have caught a bug as Trudy suffered too the next day.  Otherwise, we had a nice time in Marbella and enjoyed a visit by Martina (a cousin of Trudy from Bad Ragaz) and Reto who stayed a couple of nights with us, so that we could show them around, as they had never been before. They came just before we started our drive back to Switzerland.

A Cat Delays Us

Our Drive was a particularly beautiful one as we had blue skies all the way and there was so much snow on all the mountains, this together with the wild flowers near the motorway that included red poppy's amongst lots of yellow and mauve flowers were such a delight! Our hotel and restaurants were excellent, but we had one amusing incident on our last day.

We tend to stop every couple of hours to stretch our legs, go to the toilet, or to have a coffee and a snack. It was at one of these stops that we sat at a table where a black cat had made it self comfortable on one of the chairs opposite us. it looked very healthy and quite a few people seemed to know of it and came to make a fuss of it.

Cafe Cat with Trudy 

Anyway, I went to buy us a couple of Mille Feuille and whilst I was away Trudy had talked to it and suddenly it got up and walked across the table on to her lap, and snuggled against her and ended up lying on her lap and then promptly went to sleep! The staff came over to have a look and were quite astonished, they told us the cat was female and had been with them 3 years and they had never seen her do that before. We didn't like to disturb her, so, that lovely cat caused us a delay, and we couldn't get on our way! We were also rather sad to leave her behind.


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