Trudy Cohen Fehr, Swiss

Trudy Cohen

My lovely Swiss wife

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Portrait of Trudy for Malcolm Lewin's Portfolio

Portrait of Trudy by Malcolm Lewin for his Portfolio



Trudy Cohen Mother

Trudy Cohen as a Mother

Trudy Cohen Model

Trudy Cohen Fashion Model

Trudy Sunbathing

Sunny Day at Home

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I fell in love with Trudy Fehr soon after meeting her – she was such a beautiful, stylish girl and quite a stunner!  I was a confirmed bachelor having been lucky to have had a number of beautiful girl friends before, but none of them were as clever (yet blended with such a playful innocence).

Trudy has been a wonderful wife and mother, having brought up our daughter and son so well.  Trudy is very intelligent, has a lovely personality and is a superb cook, an exemplary house keeper and fun to be with.  Yes, I am boasting, but I am so very lucky and after some 50 years of marriage, I feel I should say so!  All marriages have their ups and downs, but we have enjoyed far more lovely ups than the few downs. 

We have chosen to be together nearly all the time, there have only been very short periods when we spent any time apart, usually these were at important family occasions when circumstances didn’t allow us to be together (due to pregnancy, illness or work).  

Looking back we have enjoyed doing so many things together: -
*   Choosing and Designing Our Homes.
*   Collecting Various Antiques and Jensen cars.
*   Skiing, Swimming, Playing Squash and Dancing (particularly Salsa and Jive).

Before we were married Trudy was an apprentice as a jewellery sales girl and she soon became the Manageress of 'Otto Kraska Jewellery' in Rennweg Strasse, central Zurich.  After work Trudy also did a modelling course in Zurich and gained her model certificate. 

Having been an Au pair in Hampstead London, this was where we met, Trudy learnt English and is so fluent that she is often complimented for it. 
She learned to read Hebrew and all the blessings (so that we could get married) and with help converted to Judiasm.  At school she had also learnt French, her mother tongue is Swiss-German.  

Later, when Michelle and Jason were going to school, Trudy did some modelling in the UK and was selected for a number of fashion shows, TV Commercials for 'The Bullring' and for 'Jacques Vert Fashion' at Glarry's.  Trudy also did some photo modelling for Boots Chemist, MEB and for Sit-right.

Trudy studied and practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years and achieved the teaching level standard, even though she did not take the exam. 

Trudy was chosen to join the team, for interpreting at the NEC for 'Gullick Dobson'.

For quite a few months, Trudy worked part time at various Boots branches promoting perfumes.  Once just before Christmas, Boots decided to run a competition to see who achieved the most sales – Trudy won it and was presented with a huge selection of ‘eau de toilette’ and perfumes.

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