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What is Special About the Amazing Photography
John Neville Cohen?


John Neville Cohen is really an artist who uses photography.  Photographer’s record reality and the best do that really well, but John creates amazing fantasy from reality!  His beautiful pictures surprise, intrigue and make quite a statement!

"One of the essential differences between the artist and the photographer is that the artist always starts with a blank canvas, whereas the photographer's canvas 'the viewfinder', or screen, is always full!" John Neville Cohen 

There are three reasons why John’s art is so special: -

  • Firstly, he invented his own photographic ‘painting with light’ method (a very different and original 'special effect' pure photographic technique in the early 1960's) without using any computer, darkroom chemicals, or expensive equipment, to create his unique top international award winning studies.  This enabled him to produce transparencies (mostly on Kodachrome) that amazed other photographers, Kodak and all the experts at the time, well before anyone had computers. 
  • Secondly, his pictures are not simply the well composed flower, fruit, landscape, nude or portrait studies.  His pictures are so imaginative and once seen, form an impression not easily forgotten.  They have stood the test of time, since many of his most valued pictures were created over 50 years ago. 
  • Thirdly, he has a unique vision and his own art style that everyone can easily understand, yet no one else creates fantasy visual art like his.

The first time ‘The London Salon Trophy’, a much-coveted International award for artistic photography had ever been awarded for a colour photograph was for 'Spirit of Spring’ in 1967.  John was the not only the youngest salon member ever to have received it, but it was also the very first time a transparency and a negative appeared on the same film emulsion.  Although technically extraordinary, it is more importantly a very fine work of art. 


Beauty Is, by John Neville Cohen

Beauty is


Spirit of Spring, by John Neville Cohen

Spirit of Spring


John’s discovery was based on simply photographing projected images that were not always projected on to a screen and the chosen screen often became the subject of the picture; John has photographed projected images on to a feather, a flower, a shell, a butterfly wing, and even on to the edges of the pages of a book!


Madam Butterfly, By John Neville Cohen

Madam Butterfly


Preacher, by John Neville Cohen



He built up a collection of around 75 studies that led to over 20 One-Man Exhibitions of his photographs (some sponsored by Kodak) in New York, London, The Edinburgh Festival and many other UK & USA Cities. At Photo Expo (famous photographers were lucky to have 3 pictures included at 'Photo Expo 68') but a wall of over 60 pictures was devoted to John.

"..regarded as one of Britain's most original photographers" The Times.

"A woman's face was exquisitely metamorphosed with the cup of a yellow tulip - a Femme - Fleur Picasso might have perpetrated had he taken to photography” Arts Revue. 

A number of newspaper and photographic magazine articles were published and his art even attracted the attention of such famous names as Cecil Beaton C.B.E., Sir William Russell Flint R.A., Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., and Lady Clementine Spencer Churchill amongst many others. 


Flower Maiden, by John Neville Cohen

Flower Maiden


Sea Nymph's Mirror, by John Neville Cohen

Sea Nymph's Mirror


John has openly explained that he often starts with an idea and then experiments with various images, but sometimes something unforeseen happened, that sends him down a totally fresh route to create a very different picture than the one he originally planned, often it has been these ‘inspired accidents’ that have since turned out to be his most valued artworks. 

Recently a young art critic wrote "John N. Cohen's artwork incorporates several genres--ready-made objects, digital photography and Impressionist style of light painting - to create a striking and surreal effect that has a strong impact upon the viewer” Claudia Moscovici.

"Indeed, since the photographic image is made by the action of light, truth to light is truth to the medium of photography! All John Cohen's photographs are made, simply and solely, by the use of light. His magic is the magic of the luminous; his poetry is that of the chiaroscuro. The attractions of his work is all the greater for the purity of the photographic technique, and its appeal all the more universal for being couched in an imagery common to all men and intelligible to all”.   Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A.

John started promoting his high quality limited edition prints since he retired and in a relatively short period of time, he has acquired quite a following on LinkedIn, Facebook, and at various other art sites on the Internet, like Flickr, where so many have chosen his pictures as 'favourites'. 

"I love these, John. Can imagine them large scale in a white room - would look fantastic!"  'Rachel Glittenberg' Facebook

"Hi John, I am so pleased to have come across your page, your work is sensationally sophisticated and so softly intense, you have a unique personal talent for expressing visually moments of being and emotional journeys, sincerest congratulations on your excellent artistic technique, xx   you are such a talent John"  
Monica Martinelli-Richmond' Facebook

"Stunning image!  Your work is amazing!  Your work is extraordinary and very inspirational!
"  'emellin66' Flickr

"really beautiful and magical. love the composition."
   'galerie-morgenstern' Flickr


Roller, by John Neville Cohen



John is now over 70 and is still currently creating pictures (one of the latest is 'Roller').  His pictures certainly cause interest, adding a bright new dimension to any wall.  So sophisticated, always a talking point, appealing to all age groups. 


Montmartre, by John Neville Cohen



One must not forget that John's reality photography is outstanding too (as can be seen in 'Montmartre') and some of these are also published as limited edition prints.

For serious art buyers and art lovers there are still some of the prints for sale.  To buy an artwork by John, it is still possible to purchase a print, although they are limited to only 8 of each picture.  Not yet one of the big names, but these pictures do have great investment potential and now is the best time for astute buyers to buy.

"Art Galleries refer to me as a photographer, but photographers refer to me as an Artist!"  
John Neville Cohen.

His limited editions of only 8 of each picture (up to 60” or 150cm longest side!) can be seen at: -

To see examples of John’s new images, in different colours, have a look at: -

You can also be kept informed on John N. Cohen’s 'Painting with Light' Facebook Fan page




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