Interesting New Possibilities for Art Consultants and Interior Designers


By John Neville Cohen

John N. Cohen’s beautiful ‘Painting with Light’ pictures make quite a statement, but now his pictures have this new possibility, whilst adding style, to look right with any colour scheme or décor.

Since all of John's original pictures are photographs that are now in digital format, he is prepared to offer consultants and designers much more than just different sizes!

Many of his abstract studies are already available and shown, in a range of colours, but John is also prepared, without any obligation, to alter any of his works by creating a new (different) original picture especially for you, without any obligation.

This new picture will be based on the picture you select, but it will then feature any predominant colour required.  Just send a sample of the colour (wished for in the picture) and let him know which picture is favoured.  Also it will help if you suggest an idea of the mood (such as muted or vibrant) and indicate colourful, or limited colours.  John will then provide at least a couple of new images for your consideration.

Your more discerning clients should appreciate that each picture will still be a John Cohen original that will have far more value, than just a manipulated copy print taken from a painting.

More Information About John Neville Cohen

Winner of the most important photographic International awards and attracted the attention of Cecil Beaton C.B.E., Sir William Russell Flint R.A., Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., and Lady Clementine Spencer Churchill amongst many others.

The London Salon Trophy

The first time this much coveted International artistic photography trophy had ever been awarded for a colour photograph was in 1967.  Presented to John for 'Spirit of Spring'.  This was the first time a transparency and a negative appeared on the same Kodachrome transparency film emulsion.  Created by his own invented technique of 'Painting with Light'.  This unique technique involved photographing projected images that were not always projected on to a screen.  He was also the youngest salon member ever to have received this trophy.

Over 20 One-Man Exhibitions of his photographs (some were sponsored by Kodak) in New York, London, The Edinburgh Festival and many other UK and USA Cities.

He has received favourable reviews and comments in 'The Times' and 'Arts Review', apart from many other newspapers and photographic magazines.

His limited editions (of only 8 of each picture) can be seen at: -

To see examples of John’s new images, in different colours, please have a look at: -   

You can also be kept informed on John N. Cohen’s Facebook Fan page




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