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Masatomo wood netsuke of a boar, 19th century.  Signed: Masatomo, Nagoya.

Wood netsuke of a boar
Signed: Masatomo, Nagoya


Double chained celadon and emerald jadeite vase and cover.  Chinese, 1880 - 1920

Double chained celadon green jadeite vase


A togidashi Kobako six fold screen Japan, 19th century

Togidashi kobako  in the form of a six fold screen


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Masatomo wood netsuke

A very fine small wood netsuke of a boar lying looking up, and slightly to the right, the legs folded beneath, the hair work is nicely worn.  The cord attachment under the right hind leg. Japan, 19th century.  Signed: Masatomo, Nagoya.  Provenance: Sotheby's.  Published: Item 241 'In Search of Netsuke and Inro' by George A. Cohen. Illustrated in 'The Wonderful World of Netsuke' by Raymond Bushell.


An impressive double chained celadon green jadeite vase and cover.

With dragon's head handles suspending loose rings to which each chain having ten loose double links are attatched to the cover.  Well hollowed, and splashes of emerald green well used to carve dragons in high relief.  Chinese, 1880 - 1920.  Dimensions: 23.5cm high x 10.5 wide x 8.5cm depth.


A togidashi Kobako in the form of a six fold screen

Showing a landscape with a pine tree, beside a turbulent lake, below the setting sun. Japan, 19th century.  Dimensions: 11.8cm x 8cm x 2cm.  Unsigned.  Provenance: Sotheby's 1973.  Published: Item 361 'In Search of Netsuke and Inro' by George A. Cohen.


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