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The Cohen Collection


Publishing 'The Cohen Collection'

Trudy and John have been collectors for many years, but it was John's father who originally influenced him, a knowledgeable, keen and very astute collector, many collectors who know of, or own, his father's publication 'In Search of Netsuke & Inro' by George Cohen will understand the enthusiasm.  This lovely book is now out of print and when a second hand one, in good condition, is found the price is likely to be 80.00 or more.  John & Trudy decided they would like to publish their own collection, and to also include 20 netsuke & inro that George Cohen has kept back, after selling the main part of his collection.  There are also a number of netsuke, inro and boxes that were purchased by John & Trudy that have not been published before.  The low cost of publishing a CD-ROM, plus the interactive advantages, tempted them to proceed.  Now they have also published together with 'The Cohen Collection', the entire 'In Search of Netsuke & Inro' book.

'In Search of Netsuke & Inro' by George Cohen

With a Forward by Douglas J. K. Wright

This collection has since been split up and distributed to various family members and some of the collection has subsequently been sold. 

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We are able to create such publications for any collectors, or dealers, providing the photographs and information required is supplied.  We are able to enhance and improve photographs, for the digital medium, but must have good quality images to start with.  Should anyone be interested to know more just send an email to John.  

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The Cohen Collection

ISBN: 0953934101

This interactive, reference work, of what was an exceptional collection has been a pleasure to create.  Consisting of a total of 305 Chinese and Japanese works of art that includes - 57 netsuke (with a collection of zodiac signs both in wood and ivory), 32 superb inro & 19 lacquer boxes, 82 snuff bottles, 74 pendants, 25 Jade & hardstone carvings.   Plus some fine miscellaneous works of art that include a really superb ivory Okimono of Kinko, lacquer ceremonial dagger and combs, an ivory fan, and even a finely carved ostrich egg.

Neil K. Davey and Robert Hall, the worlds leading experts, have provided introductions and detailed descriptions (with interesting and important new reference notes) on the subject matter, workmanship, and the artists.  Together with the 645 colour photographs (including close-ups of signatures and seals) that make this an easy to use, fascinating, and beautiful way of sharing such works of art.  There are also articles by Clare Chu, Michael Dean, Roger Keverne and Richard Marchant.

Many of these antiques have never been published before and this reference study is likely to prove invaluable to any serious collector.  There are few publications that include such specialised Chinese & Japanese antiques but it is surprising how well these small personal handling pieces compliment each other.  To quote from Neil K. Davey's introduction "All of the small pieces within the collection are highly personal whether worn, handled, or made purely for use.  The quality of work, subject to such very close inspection, rather than for display had, of necessity, to be the finest possible."

Originally designed as a CD-Rom, but now it is available as a website so that anyone, even those with hardly any computer skills, is immediately able to use it.  There are certain advantages in this digital form of publication, the search facility is very fast, and any part can be printed out, or copied, at the touch of a button.  If it had been published as a book with so many photographs, it would have been very expensive to produce and would have been huge and far too heavy!  The photography is very professional and providing it is viewed at 1024 x 728 resolution (in other words on not too small a screen) the definition is all one could possibly wish for. 

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The Cohen Collection





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(1) Split into categories, with the advantage of an effective search programme.

(2) A slide show feature allows the selection of how long each image remains on screen.

(3) No need for installation - everything can be viewed direct from the disc.

(4) All descriptions and photographs can be copied to your computer or printed out at the touch of a button.

(5) There are useful links to related Societies and websites.

ISBN 0 9539341 0 1

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Publishing The Cohen Collection of Asian antiques by John Neville Cohen netsuke, inro, snuff bottles, jade pendants and Lacquer boxes, Authors: Neil K. Davey and Robert Hall. ISBN: 0953934101, A Reference work, Photography: 645 colour photographs

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