Netsuke, Inro, Snuff Bottles, Pendants & Jade Carvings



The Contents

Introductions - by Neil K. Davey & Robert Hall, plus information on how to use the disc.

Articles - by Clare Chu, Michael Dean, Roger Keverne and Richard Marchant.

Links - to related websites and Societies.

The Entire Chinese Collection
and The Entire Japanese Collection

645 Colour photographs of a total of 305 Chinese and Japanese works of art all fully described by the world's leading experts, close up photographs of all signatures and seals, with useful notes on both the subject matter, workmanship and the artists.




The Categories

Chinese Snuff bottles - 82, Mostly hardstone, a good number of very fine picture bottles, some glass, porcelain, and a couple of inside painted bottles.

Japanese Netsuke - 57,
Including a collection of the Zodiac signs both in wood and Ivory.

Chinese Pendants - 74,
A fine and unique collection of mostly Jade pendants, plus some Amber, Coral, glass, and other hardstone examples.

Japanese inro, boxes & combs -
62, superb Inro (complete with netsuke and ojime), fine boxes, a ceremonial dagger and a few combs.

Chinese hardstone carvings - 25,
Chained jade vases, bowls, carvings and handling pieces.

Japanese ivory & stag-antler -
A number of ivory Okimono, an ivory fan and several netsuke.

Chinese coral, amber, glass & porcelain -
Display coral carvings, pendants and snuff bottles.

Miscellaneous -
Includes a Bronze incense burner, Soapstone seal, Rootwood carving, a Canton enamel ewer, a Kozuka and even an Ostrich egg.


A search and slide show facility





"There are fine examples from Kyoto, Osaka, Edo, Nagoya, Gifu and Hakata, as well as unsigned and unattributable pieces from the early 18th to the late 19th century.  .  .  . By some standards the collection is not large.   However, it does not need to be, there is much to be said for quality, rather than quantity and the present collection has the former in abundance."

Neil K. Davey



"It is a tribute to the Cohen's artistic awareness that they have been able to assemble so many works of art in these two areas, while maintaining the common bonds of excellent workmanship, charming subject matter and, above all, that elusive bit of 'magic' (for want of a better word) that turns an inanimate object into something special and important."

Robert Hall



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This collection has since been split up and distributed to various family members and some of the collection has subsequently been sold.

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