So, I set out to see if the London committee would undertake to come to Birmingham for one of our events if I persuaded the J.N.F. committee to come to support one of theirs. 

Everything was soon agreed, and it proved to be a considerable success, not only financially for each charity, but also socially, generally I found that these committee members were much more interesting and amusing, than found in other circles, so we all got together quite a few times, and this led to several new romances! 

My London friends were such a happy lot, and we had many very funny times together.  Grandpa and Grandma very kindly allowed me to invite my friends to stay in their flat in Bournemouth, we did that a few times for a long weekend, and we were very careful not to damage anything and to leave it as we found it, a cleaning lady came to change all the beds when we left. 

Some became very close friends, and I went on holidays with them, Ronnie
Hendon and I loved skiing and one year we went to St Moritz.  Skiing in those days was rather difficult as the skis were very long and fixed only to ankle high boots, but once mastered we loved it and we had a fabulous time! 

I had been skiing every year before, having joined the 'Ski Club of Great Britain' with Bernard Thomas (Bernard was an eminent physiotherapist for the England Cricket Team

Now with the newer designed knee-high boots and short skis, it is all so much easier than when we learned how to ski. 

My parents threw a large party for my 21st Birthday at a hotel, and as I really wanted to have my London friends with me, I invited Ronnie to celebrate his 21st with me, as our Birthdays were quite near to each other. 

Some of our mutual friends could not be in two places at once so I was glad, we did this.  It worked out well as they all came and it was great, we had a wonderful weekend together.  

Ronnie & I shared our 21st Birthday party

Ronnie and I shared our 21st Birthday together

Henley in Arden Ice Cream

Henley in Arden Famous Ice Cream

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