Cartoon Adverts

For some years, my department was involved in the design of our cinema canopies and the task of creating the best way of promoting the continental films, as the distributors simply supplied the standard original posters and stills that were used in the foreign country. Often these had little appeal to the British, so we would view the film and decide on the best images, catch lines and on a few occasions even a change of title. Then we would work with the 'Front of House' design team to create our floor to ceiling boards. I was also approached a few times, to design new promotional material for films that we had not booked, by other film distributors too, this helped as we charged for this service. There were a lot of wonderful times with Jacey Cinemas, we organised several special cartoon and comedy events in various cities, which involved dressing up and several stunts in the streets, such as the promoting of a 'Crazy Show' for example.

Later film premieres, when the stars were brought over, or special opening nights when we opened another converted news theatre, as a continental film cinema, mostly with the Jacey and Cinephone name. But best of all attending the Cannes Film Festival each year, where we were invited, by some of the film distributors, to see the films they hoped we would agree to book for our cinemas.

Those occasions were very glamorous, smart, and dressy and we were very fortunate to be treated as VIP's. The most exciting thing for me at these Festivals (in my young 20's) was to be able to see up-close, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and Gina Lollobrigida, even if only briefly.

I was so taken by Brigitte Bardot - she was stunning and so vivacious! I was so fortunate as the closest the vast majority of people ever got to these stars would have been the cinema screen!

I should point out that Grandpa Joseph was the first to introduce the news and cartoon cinemas throughout the UK and later my father George opened the first cinemas specialising in continental feature films.

Our cinema business was extremely successful and there were lots of glamorous occasions, so life was particularly good for us all. I became a member of the 'Institute of Directors' in Pall Mall and Mum and Dad joined the 'White Elephant Club' in Curzon Street (a beautiful restaurant and bar for 

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