I should mention that Aisha Ahmed 'Miss Jacey' represented us at all these events, she had a nice personality, and she was just as attractive as any of the celebs!

The Film distributors we knew well were also very strong personalities, there was Kenneth Rive, Anthony Balch, Phil Kutner, Tony Tenser and Adrienne Fancey.  Ken Rive had worked for British intelligence before film distribution and Phil Kutner had made Brigit Bardot famous by distributing her film 'And God Created Woman' directed by Roger Vadim.  Tony Tenser promoted Brigitte Bardot and invented the catch phrase 'The Sex Kitten'

Social Life

Now that I had normal office hours, I had more free time to concentrate on photography, this soon became my main hobby.  I think it was partly due to working as a projectionist that I got the idea to consider the possibilities of photographing projected images.  More about my photography later. 

Also, at this time my social life improved dramatically.  One of the advantages, having started with the continental cinemas and because we had five in the West End of London and all the main distributors were based there, the company decided to rent a London flat in Park Street, Mayfair a particularly good location for any of the directors to use. 

So, I was able to arrange to do my work in London on Fridays and then have the benefit of staying there for the weekend, where I had got to know quite a large circle of friends.  My sex life was great, but is best kept private, I will simply add that I only ever had one lover at a time, I was very choosy but fortunate too, as I was only ever with the most beautiful girls.

There was far more fun to be had in London, than in Birmingham, this was the period known as 'Swinging London' and London was the central attraction for all of Europe, it was where it was all happening for the young.  The music (thanks to The Beatles), the fashion (mainly Mary Quant) and the mini skirt considered so outrageous (never seen before), and then Carnaby Street, or the Kings Road became so famous. 

Suddenly, youngsters had freedom and fun unlike ever before!  The first discos I joined were amazing, 'La Valbonne', 'The Establishment', 'The Flamingo Club', these were member only clubs, but there were so many discos opening all over London. 

Then there was 'Annabels', 'The Playboy Club' and for live pop music 'The Ad Lib Club', 'The Marquee Club' and 'Ronnie Scott's.  As I was known to be in the entertainment business, I was fortunate and had no problem getting into any of these private clubs.  I discovered there was such exciting night life that had never existed in Birmingham.  Eventually, 'The Elbow Room' opened in Birmingham, but as far as I was concerned London was the place to be.

I soon had a large circle of friends, mostly Jewish who lived around Hampstead, Hendon and Swiss Cottage, Ronnie Hendon, Jeffrey and Richard Rosenbaum, Howard Peters, Harvey Lament, Alan Josephs to name a few, this all came about through my involvement in a couple of charities.  I was invited to join the Junior British O.R.T. based in North London, which I did. 

All sorts of events were arranged to raise money, whilst at the same time, planned to be enjoyable and fun for our own age group.  The O.R.T. charity was to help children all over the world and not restricted to Jewish children, although the committee was 100% Jewish. 

I was about 19 years old at this time and I had become joint chairman with Martin Spiers of the Birmingham J.N.F. committee.  It was my suggestion that both charities would benefit financially and that we all would have a much greater time if we could selectively support each other's events. 

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