So, we decided to buy all the second-hand manual drive ones we could find, thinking we would promote them ourselves.  Unfortunately, after many years they still failed to increase by anything like as much as certain other classics.  When we emigrated, we decided to sell them, and they were all except one (that we had given to our son) sold to a Mr Jensen in Denmark (not a Jensen relation)

Our very special CV8 was sold a bit later together with my registration number '1 JON' to someone in the Midlands.

The registration number '1JON' was an amazing gift for my 21st birthday from my Aunty Rosemary Cohen, she was very friendly with the man controlling new car registrations in Birmingham, and it was through him that she arranged for this number to be issued for my new MGB car. 

After that I always retained it right through until we emigrated, sometimes it was on our Jensen 541S and at other times on our Jensen CV8

Jensen Collection

Part of Our Jensen Collection

Asian Antiques

In addition, mainly influenced by my father, we started collecting Japanese lacquer and netsuke, later when the prices had jumped up too much, I discovered Chinese snuff bottles (mostly stone bottles) and after a while we collected Chinese jade pendants too. 

Trudy had been the manageress of a Zurich jewellery shop and had studied various stones (not only gemstones) and so she was much more interested in these Chinese antiques.  We continued buying throughout several years, instead of putting funds into pension schemes, now with hindsight I am so glad we did. 

Having had success with the 'PhotoBackings' CD-Rom (more details later) I decided to make another one of our collections simply titled 'The Cohen Collection'  We sold one piece a few years ago that sold for an incredible price, which meant the whole collection had no longer cost us anything!

Because of these interests we got to know Jensen owners, various antique dealers, and auctioneers some of whom became friends.

Celebration Weekend at Home

So many friends as well as relatives came to us for Jason's Bar Mitzvah, Michelle's Bat Mitzvah, my Parents Golden Wedding, and our 20th Wedding Anniversary party.

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