Woodbourne Road

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There were a few celebrities that visited 'The Porchway' over the years.  Several world snooker champions such as Steve Davis, Alex Higgins, and Jimmy White.  I remember Dennis Taylor came and played more than once, they showed us some amazing tricks too!  Dad was presented with a snooker cue that was signed by all the champions, this was given to me, and I passed it on to our son Jason.

The famous American concert pianist Julius Katchen came several times, he specially insisted on giving a concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall (whenever a trip to the UK was planned) because he wanted to buy a certain netsuke from Dad. 

Even a popular Japanese film star Yoshiko Sano came with her film producer, to see Dad's netsuke and inro collection, before a film premiere at the Cinephone.

I also believe Walt Disney intended to visit Grandpa in 1953 for the 21st Birthday of The News Theatre Birmingham, as he was so delighted that Disney cartoons had been shown regularly at all our news theatres for many years, but this visit did not happen.

Woodbourne Road

The Porchway at 72 Woodbourne Rd
Built by Joseph Cohen

Back garden looking up from the tennis court

Woodbourne Rd-Flowers

Looking down the back garden from the house

Woodbourne Road Garden

Another view showing the side terrace

Woodbourne for sale

Write up by the Estate Agent

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