They were aware of our success and unfortunately, they had far stronger booking power. 

All this at a time when videos were first introduced causing the cinema takings to go down. 

Also, for the few remaining cartoon and comedy shows the main distributors were persuaded to sell the rights to television and were withdrawing our supply. 

The End of The Jacey Group of Companies 

This was when my grandfather had sadly passed away and my father and my uncle decided they wanted to retire.  We had a directors meeting, and as most of our cinemas were now on short leases and the new rates demanded to renew were far too high for us to continue to operate at a profit, we decided to sell, whilst we could and to put the companies into voluntary liquidation. 

Before taking this decision, we had diversified and tried some other business ventures.  Such as: The conversion of our cinema at Marble Arch into a high-class shopping centre, consisting of antique shops, art and craft galleries and a coffee bar.  The conversion of our cinema in the Strand, London into the first stamp collecting centre, full of independent stamp dealers who paid a rent for their units. 

Jacey Galleries

The Opening of the Jacey Galleries Marble Arch

The Opening of the Jacey Galleries Marble Arch

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