Jacey Stamps

The purchase of the Pathlow farm and creation of a riding school and centre at Wilmcote, near Stratford upon Avon.

It was through the purchase of Pathlow Farm that we got to know Michael Morris as he owned Edstone Hall a large estate nearby.  He was an extraordinary man who lived an amazing lifestyle - everything was lavish and extravagant.  He and Gloria were very entertaining socially, they had owned their own jet plane and yacht and they were really friends of my parents. 

But on one occasion he invited me to his home in Hampstead, as he had a fabulous new camera outfit and he wanted a range of exclusive chocolates photographing, as they were opening a London shop to retail 'Godiva Chocolates'.  I did not have my studio at that time, but what amazed me was the fact that he had all this expensive 35mm camera, lenses, and flash guns, yet had not even a basic knowledge of how to use it.  

I could go into more detail about the Jacey Group, but this would then become a awfully long story (but much can be seen on my website).  The truth is that all these ventures made a profit, but not enough to justify extending the leases. 

So, the decision was taken to sell, and we quite quickly sold everything, enabling all the family shareholders to be paid their share.  jncohen.net/JaceyGroup

Another Unexpected Surprise

My parents surprised us when they decided to sell Woodbourne Road (the House my grandfather had built) where Rayner and I grew up, after 71 Hamilton Avenue, as it was far too big for just the two of them, Rayner and I both had our own children, (my sister was married and living in Sausalito, California) and Trudy and I were settled living in Birmingham. 

But the bigger surprise was when they told us, that they then preferred to emigrate to live in Marbella.  They had found a fabulous, larger apartment in La Alcazaba, where for many years we had all been for holidays, as they had owned a nice holiday apartment in this beautiful development.  At the time we had no idea that one day we would have a home there too.

My Dilemma

My share was a nice lump sum from the Jacey Group, but not enough to live on for long without continuing to earn a living.  Suddenly, for the first time, I was out of work aged over forty and not sure what to do! 

I felt rather panicky and worried as this was the time of a rather bad recession, that had hit the UK, Michelle and Jason were only 10 and 8 at this time.  But I would never have guessed how I would end up with so many different business hats! 

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