Creative Photography Brochure

I also got involved with Kenmore coming up with concepts for the glass 'Worktop Savers' they made, creating the photographs that became the main part of the product as well as designing and printing all their literature and packaging.  

One of the biggest problems I had, was that I soon became known as the photographer that could do special effects and ended up having lots of work that most other photographers did not want or were unable to do.  This certainly gave me some headaches at times, but all my clients were more than happy with what I did for them!  As an example, Willard Wigan (a Jamaican gentle giant) came to see me, he had tried without any success to have his incredibly tiny sculptures photographed for promotional purposes and was told to come and see me.  Just to see them one needed a strong magnifier (more about this later)

The other difficulty I came across was that most clients waited till the very last minute, before giving me the order to proceed and then expected everything to be done, to meet almost impossible deadlines!

I took on all the photography for Moulinex Swan Brand (their factory was just a few minutes' walk away) they were pleased with what I did for them and soon were giving me more and more products to photograph, so many that I found it hard to keep my other clients happy too!  This seemed good for me, but they then kept making me wait longer and longer for payment, till eventually having had to work much longer hours and pay for all the large format film and processing costs, not to mention the time spent chasing the payments. 

This could not be allowed to continue and in the end, I had to take them to court, as although they were using my photographs, they were delaying payment for over 6 months!   I was awarded the costs and got all that was owed, but then I knew I would never do any more work for them. 

I also planned, designed, and produced a TV commercial for Jacques Vert Fashion, it was quite long (30 seconds) and made up of still photographs, fading in one after another, to show the complete range.  I had a model Sue and together with Trudy, they were the stars.  I was surprised how often it was repeated over about a month and sometimes at peak times too.  It was a big advertising success but caused awful problems for my client the retailer Glarry's, as they were let down with the deliveries and lost so many sales. 

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