Gold Ring by JNC

Hair Crystal Gold Ring Made by JNC.

Commercial Photography

I began by starting 'Creative Photography' as a commercial and portrait photographer and bought a 6cm x 6cm camera, as well as a plate camera, determined not to do weddings.  I concentrated on being known for advertising work and continued with this till I retired. 

Creative Photography Logo

To begin with simply using my home address, but later I was able to rent some space in a squash club and quite often during the day some courts were not used, and I could use one as a studio too. 

It was very slow at first, as there were plenty of established photographers about, but gradually I obtained more regular clients and I rented a much larger studio in the Jewellery Quarter, trading as 'Actuality PhotoDigital' by then I was doing more product photography and I took on designing logos, the printing of brochures and leaflets for my clients. 

I had as clients; Jeff Lewis Kitchen Interior designers, Steel Stockholders, Saville Gordon Group, Kidderminster Carpets and Lucas Car Parts, apart from a few Jewellery manufacturers. 

My biggest difficulties were as quick as I obtained new clients, due to the worst recession anyone could remember, I just as quickly lost other clients as one after another were wiped out - bankrupt!  Worst still some of them owing me money!

I also got involved with Kenmore producing concepts for the glass 'Worktop Savers' they made, creating the photographs that became the main part of the product as well as designing and printing all their literature and packaging.  

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