Ebony Netsuke Bat Made by JNC

Ebony Netsuke I Made.


Later, I made an ebony ring for Trudy, I also managed to make a gold ring at the metal class, with a mounted hair crystal stone, that Trudy had kept, just as a loose stone for many years.

Both of these rings were actually worn by Trudy, on quite a number of occasions, so they could not have been too bad! But I feel proud that Trudy still has the gold ring and even wears it now and then.

Gold Ring by JNC

Hair Crystal Gold Ring Made by JNC.

Commercial Photography

I began by starting 'Creative Photography' as a commercial and portrait photographer and bought a 6cm x 6cm camera, as well as a plate camera, determined not to do weddings. I concentrated on being known for advertising work and continued with this till I retired.

Creative Photography Logo

To begin with I was simply using my home address, but later I was able to rent some space in a squash club and quite often during the day some courts were not used, and I could use one as a studio too. Much more can be seen on my website (Design Special Effect Studio and Commercial Photography). CreativePhotography+R

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