I was very intrigued about, the new digital photography I had heard about, and I wanted to find out more about the possibilities.  I think it was Paul who told me to contact Tim. 

I did eventually, it was difficult as he travelled extensively, but once we met, I was surprised to learn that he knew of me.  I was soon invited to spend some time with him on Campus.  Again, I was amazed at the equipment they had there.  Tim was the head of the department and involved with Kodak on research into digital systems.  I ended up spending several days with him, explaining to me all that was new and about Photoshop.  This was when I first learnt too about the PhotoCD product that was soon to be released.  

Neighbourhood Watch

I was involved in the formation of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee for two of the most sort after roads in Harborne; Fitzroy Avenue and Hamilton Avenue, consisting of nearly 200 houses.  I was elected and served as the Chairman for a couple of years, and we had a good relationship with the local police, we were very successful, as we reduced robberies dramatically and the other benefit was that we enjoyed meeting each other.  Before this, we had only known our closest neighbours, since most of us lived in large houses where everyone simply drove in and out without meeting each other. 

Selling Insurance

But when times were really hard, I joined Sun Alliance selling insurance for a while (on the basis that I would only work part time) this was not something that I was keen to do, but I needed to find a way of saving my studio, whilst times were so hard.  There had been talk about the fact that lots of businesses had started, or had come to the jewellery quarter, which were not jewellery related. 


There was an active business club in the area, which did not want any members that were not relevant to the jewellery trade, so, to help build up more clients, I started (with a few others) 'The Jewellery Quarter Business Club' and we soon had 450 members (I designed the logo)

My insurance manager soon realised I did not like 'cold calling' so he let me off the hour's others spent, just phoning people hoping they would eventually get an appointment or having to walk the streets trying to find someone that would be interested. 

He agreed to my suggested approach for finding clients, by using this business club and agreed that the Jewellery Quarter (as I was based there) would be my area. 

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