PhotoBackings 100

Dunns were very impressed, and they took on distribution of it too!  I was really honoured when later they chose me to do some promotional pictures for them, as a top well-established film processing place, they had numerous other professional photographers as clients, yet they came to me. 

I did a deal with a Chinese distributor he paid me up-front 1,000 pounds plus an agreed royalty payment of one pound for each book sold, but I did not think I would ever see any royalty payments!  This was for permission to publish 'PhotoBackings 100' in print, all the background images were printed A3 size as high-definition prints, in a hardbound cover for the Chinese market. 

Apparently, most of the Chinese were not able to use CD-ROMs.  I duly received a few complimentary copies and after a year, to my surprise, he sent me 1,500 pounds more as royalty fees.

The Cohen Collection

I then decided that I could also publish our collection 'The Cohen Collection' of Asian antiques on a CD-ROM, to do this I set about persuading Neil K. Davey of Sothebys (I knew Neil well and we agreed a fee) to provide me with catalogue style descriptions of each Japanese piece and he also kindly wrote an introduction for the Japanese part of the collection too. 

The Cohen Collection

The Cohen Collection CD-Rom

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