Once completed he told me that if we were to let him sell our antiques at Sothebys, he would not charge us! 

Having obtained everything from Neil I then asked Bob Hall to do the same for the Chinese collection and he did so and wrote an introduction for the Chinese part, without any charge.  Lastly, I asked other dealers we knew if they would like to participate by writing about our collection and I ended up with some nice articles all provided free of charge. 

My Father had published his collection of Netsuke & Inro in book form and it was expensive in those days to publish in colour.  So, I knew my publication in a CD-ROM form would cost a lot less.  My motivation was that if ever we wanted to sell any of our collections, I knew that any published items in auctions, always sold for far more than had they not been published. 

I am now so glad I did go ahead, because now provenance has become so important.  'The Cohen Collection' CD did not sell very well, but at least I did do more than recover all the costs involved.  jncohen.net/Cohen-Collection

Building and Designing a Website

I got to know a website design team within the 'Custard Factory' this was a new development in Digbeth that quickly became a centre for creative and digital designers.  So, for a set fee they made my first website, and I was able to control the look of it.  The trouble was that it was listed under 'The Custard Factory' name.  I did not know enough about it all at that time, so when they disappeared so did my website!

JNC Logo for Photography

JNC Logo for Antiques


I really needed to have an Internet presence for my studio and so I set about building my own website. 

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