When we first met Paris, he was a manager in a large construction business, living in a small apartment in Bradford.  He had to spend a lot of time in Birmingham where we met him every week, we got to know his wife Jenny and his son and daughter well.  He was a larger-than-life character, full of fun and a fondness for Champagne. 

Paris Moayedi

He introduced us to really good Chinese food, even after our little business venture, we remained exceptionally good friends, he seemed to have unlimited expenses that the business paid and he considered us as his best friends and insisted on taking us for expensive meals out, I found it very hard to reciprocate.  He became remarkably successful and moved to live in a wonderful large old, thatched roof cottage with a magnificent garden he created. 

Paris's beautiful home

Our Family Visit to Paris's Beautiful Home

He set up a company called 'Team' that went bankrupt when he left.  He then took over 'Jarvis', a company valued at about four million pounds and with his magic, within two years it was valued at over six hundred million pounds!   Paris was also voted 'Entrepreneur of the Year' for the UK.     Paris+R

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