I had been fascinated with the potential of the Internet as it was improving dramatically once the search engines were created.  The biggest problem was how to be found with millions of new websites constantly being added. 

So rightly, or wrongly unlike all the others, where the website is devoted to only one subject, I decided to make mine show all my interests.  This way if found for 'Jensen classic cars' for example, the chances are that people will look at some of my other items.  So gradually I added everything I could. 

I included my Commercial Photography, 'Special Effects' photography called 'The Magic Lantern', 'PhotoBackings 100', 'Jensen Classic Cars', 'The History of Jacey Cinemas, 'The Cohen Collection' of our Asian antiques and more.  Later after I retired and we were living in Marbella and Winterthur I added the 'Painting with Light' limited edition prints section, more about this later.  This meant that the search engines had me listed for quite a lot of subjects.  jncohen.net/homepage

I also made another website for 'The Cohen Collection' but this one requires a payment of only 25 Euros for unlimited access to view the collection (most auction catalogues cost a lot more than this) and I now have a good number of collectors and dealers signed up to it from all over the world. 

Having completed these websites, I added some articles that I had written for Ezinearticles.com for free publication by other websites providing they included a link back to mine.  Most of them have been published in a lot of other websites and always with the links back.  ezinearticles.com/John_Cohen

The only problem, is that since I created my websites so long ago, there have been many changes to the way websites are now written, mainly because of the new mobile smart phones.  Websites had to be redesigned to be user friendly on such small screens and a new HTML language was created. 

I confess that I have not learnt how to use it and instead I have managed to make some changes that at least seem to make it work on phones.  But to change everything is a very big task as I have so many pages.

Paris Moayedi - Sun Tan Promotions
Together with our close friend Paris (when young he was a very good-looking Omar Sharif-lookalike), we formed a partnership and ran a sunbed business, providing sunbeds to various sports clubs.  Our scheme was to offer to install superior sunbeds with a coin operated meter free of charge, thus providing the clubs with an added facility, and then to share the takings with the clubs at an agreed percentage (aiming at about 25% to the club). 

We then bought several sunbeds (at a reduced purchase price for quantity) once we had some clubs signed up for them.

Sun Tan Promotions

This was successful for a year, or two, but then there was some bad press about a Cancer scare and we quickly sold everything, most of them were sold to the same clubs for nearly our original purchase price!  Sun-Tan+R

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