I could (as a well-known collector) offer unbiased advice and help them from making a costly mistake.  So, I formed 'Important & Very Rare Oriental Antiques', but this did not take off! 

All that really happened was local antique dealers kept coming to ask me to value what they had found (mostly from house clearances) and because every single time, I had to tell them the item was a worthless modern copy, I did not feel I could charge them.   Rare-Antiques+R

Edwin Horne & Woodbridge Park

Edwin Horne came to see me asking if I could help him (Edwin had done a lot of work for my grandfather, he had his own construction company, but ended up bankrupt when he was cheated on a very large project).  

I agreed to form a new property development company, Jacey Homes Ltd with him.  I designed our logo and stationery, then together with my wealthy neighbour Mr Wood, who agreed to finance us for our first project, we built a cul-de-sac road with ten four-bedroom homes. 

They were in a good village location close to the motorways, but because of the recession we had great difficulties selling them, even though they were high quality buildings offered at an extremely competitive price.  www.jncohen.net/Woodbridge

Wood Bridge Park 10 homes

They did all sell in the end and as each house sold, we split the profit, there was a good profit margin to be shared, but unfortunately Mr Wood passed away, just before the last sale went through. 

Jacey Homes Logo

Mrs Wood turned out to be a very different type of person and she reneged on our deal, leaving us without our share due for that last house.

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