Not a very large sum involved, and we were far too busy with our next project to consider starting legal proceedings.

Hong Kong & Phuket

For our 25th wedding anniversary we went to Hong Kong and Phuket, this was an expensive holiday as I decided we should do it in style, I booked us in for a week at the famous Hong Kong hotel 'The Mandarin' and it really was a fabulous hotel. 

Luckily, around the same time that I was wondering what to do for our 25th, Bob Hall informed me that one of our snuff bottles, which had an Imperial seal on the base, was suddenly worth what seemed a fortune at the time, even though the general opinion was that the mark had been added much later!  Apparently, there were collectors in Singapore that would buy it and value it as being genuine, so I agreed to sell it.  This particular sale realized more than enough to cover our celebration holiday.


Relaxing in Phuket after a week in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was still British then and we enjoyed so many aspects there, the jade market was full of fakes but never-the-less fascinating, we had clothes made-to-measure for us, the shop was full of such beautiful high-quality fabrics that it was hard to make our choice, and there were some interesting antique shops to visit, in addition to the usual sights to see.  

We were invited to Hugh Moss's home while we were there (he had been the leading snuff bottle dealer in London, but was living in Hong Kong), he had published so many books on snuff bottles and I had bought some bottles at his London gallery, where I first met Bob Hall, who was working there. 

Jewellery Quarter Development

Lastly, we gradually purchased what was quite a large development site (consisting of old factory buildings) in The Jewellery Quarter, after I purchased a factory in the middle.  A wonderful location on a hill just a few minutes' walk from the centre of Birmingham, but this involved having several investors. 

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