I was shocked, but as none had sold, I could consider doing this. 

About a month later, I was invited to see an exhibition at that gallery, so I went, and it was by a photographer I had not heard of, all the pictures were huge and priced even higher than 5,000 euros each, and a couple were shown as sold (hard to know if they had really sold). 

They wanted me to provide them with a few very large prints preferably sandwiched between aluminium and a thick acrylic sheet for them to see (these were expensive to produce and could not be done by my Spanish printer).  Although on metal they would still be very fragile and if scratched, or if an edge were dented, they would no longer be saleable, so I did not proceed. 

Instead, I decided to create a new part of my website to offer these large prints, as limited editions, that I would only create to order.  The gallery had told me that I could have them printed and mounted the way they wanted in Germany.  Luckily, I did not desperately need to sell them and thought this could be the best way of testing market. 

I listed them at 4,700 euros for the biggest size, signed and numbered, with the edition set at 8, no matter what size they would like to have.  Later I created a new separate website devoted to my limited-edition prints.  Like most artists, these might sell better once I have died . . . But I am not in any hurry! 

Juanje Nunez

We have also had a good special relationship with our financial adviser Juanje Nunez (with our Spanish Bank) unlike managers that keep changing we have been with Juanje from the beginning (he is no longer tied to a branch but acts for clients all around the Costa del Sol) and he has promised us that he will be prepared to always look after our banking requirements. 

Juan Nunez

Juanje and Eva Nunez

We were surprised and so pleased to be invited to his wedding, it was a lovely affair in Malaga, and we were made so welcome, this was our first Spanish wedding!

Our impressions so far of the Spanish people we have got to know, is that they are so kind and helpful, very tactile and a pleasure to be with. 

It is true to say Trudy and I have never had difficulties in making new friends, wherever we are, even though we are no longer so young.  

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