Over the years we have known Montana, she has acted for us in buying and selling the odd car park space, as well as for the sale of my parents’ apartment (which was complicated as it was purchased through a company in Gibraltar), because she assured us that having worked for years with lawyers she was capable to save us the lawyer's fees and would charge us far less.

Not only did she do everything well, but she also found so many faults the other lawyers made, that we were extremely impressed and glad to have her looking after us.

Montana comes to see us every week, sometimes twice a week, whilst we are in Spain. She has been doing her best to teach us Spanish. We feel guilty and sorry for her as we are such slow learners, but when we mentioned this to her, she simply told us not to worry, as she really comes to have a good laugh and enjoys being with us. This is true we do have a lot of laughs and enjoy her company.

'Painting With Light' Limited Edition Prints

Seven years later, whilst we were living in Marbella, my sister Rayner contacted me to say she was excited by my photography and thought I should market my pictures as limited-edition prints, because having looked at them again she felt they still looked great after all these years.

I had found a particularly good printer nearby and I then decided to see how big and how well he could print one of my photographs. I was pleasantly surprised how good the results were. We also soon learnt that there was going to be an international art festival in the centre of Marbella and people were asked to make contact if they wished to exhibit. So, I decided to take the plunge and booked a tent for myself.

Not knowing how well my pictures would sell, I decided to offer a limited edition of 250 of each picture and offer three sizes of each, signed, and numbered. As the printer was able to print to order and deliver really quickly. I offered three assorted sizes priced at between 140 euros, and 450 euros for the largest size.

But expecting that if I did sell, during the weekend the buyers would probably want their print immediately (as so many would be tourists and might be leaving the next day) so I ordered quite a few prints of different sizes of each picture that I had chosen to show and had one of each framed to display hanging in the tent.

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