Golden Wedding in Venice

Venice 50th Anniversary

For our Golden wedding, we did not want to go so far, instead we flew to Venice as Trudy had never been there, and stayed in a lovely hotel the 'Nani Mocenigo Palace' we did the usual tours and enjoyed an opera evening, in another palace where after each interval, we all went into another room, it was quite an experience, so much more intimate than in an opera house. 

We were lucky to have gone to see it before the awful floods that happened a few months after our visit. 

Our Hotels and Marmalade

We have really enjoyed living in Marbella where the weather is sunny and hot most of the year, and the Spanish are so friendly.  We love our new kind of lifestyle, it did not take us long to adjust to the different way of life in Spain and in Switzerland, it was certainly not difficult, as the climate at both locations, is so much better than living in Birmingham.  We now have so many bright and sunny days in our lives.  

Our three-day drive between our two homes has involved two hotel stops each way and over the years we have stayed in a lot of different places.  I always searched the Internet to find the most interesting small hotels (like old, converted chateaus) with the best guest reviews that are not far off our motorway route.  I made sure they included breakfast, have a pleasant restaurant (or with plenty of restaurants nearby) and private parking.  Over the years we have stayed in some wonderful places, and because we often go out of season, we have always been upgraded to the best room, or suite without any extra charge.    

One hotel deserves a special mention, we only found this one because of our return to Switzerland at the beginning of August 2018, nearly everywhere was booked, but we had a provisional booking at a hotel in Denia where we had stayed many times. 

But when I tried to confirm the reservation, I was informed that they were only accepting bookings for a minimum of two nights!  This was of no use to us, eventually I found a room was available in a little village called Villalonga that met all our requirements called 'Casa Babel'. 

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