But about ten days ago, we were surprised to find just one little duckling in one of the ponds all alone, it was hiding under a rock, at the edge of the pond out of our reach.

Then a bit later, whilst walking around our gardens, there is a little stream and some ponds on the other side of the buildings, between the old age home and La Alcazaba, that we also walk around. It was at one of these ponds that we found another little duckling all alone too. So, our first thought was to try to get them together, but we were not able to do more that evening.

That night I did some research on the Internet and learned, that if the mother duck is really frightened, it is not unusual for her to fly away, and then never to return to her ducklings.

We also found out that they should not be fed with breadcrumbs, but that oats are good for them. The next day we were so surprised to find that they had managed to find each other and were both happily keeping close together.

Orphans found each other

Orphans found each other.

How they managed to end up together is a mystery, as we found them both at the stream side. This meant the one we had seen in the main garden pond, had somehow, had to walk up and down steps, through a long passage under the buildings, to get to the other ponds. Or perhaps one of our gardeners had caught the one in the garden and taken it to the stream (I think this is more likely).

Orphans feeding on our oats

Feeding on our oats.

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