Although we could go for walks outside our gardens, we most often preferred to remain within the gardens as we hated having to wear our masks! 

A Quick Look Around the Beautiful Exotic Gardens at La Alcazaba

Two Orphan Ducklings Born at La Alcazaba

I decided to add this and my videos (filmed and edited on my phone) to my story, as these ducklings will never know how much pleasure they provided us, whilst we waited to be able to return to Switzerland. 

The Swallows

Another delight were the swallows, who visit several times a day, so whilst having breakfast we watch them flying at high speed around the trees.  Quite often they fly in tight formation and perform an amazing aerobatic display!  They frequently came quite close to our balcony, as if they were checking us out.  We had noticed that all the other birds suddenly stop flying every time they came.  The seagulls are the only ones that were not frightened by their speed!  

The Swallows

Apart from not being able to be in Switzerland for Trudy's mother's 99th birthday, we were also unable to do much about our own 51st wedding anniversary, or my 80th Birthday.   We were unable to see our children too, as they had to cancel all their travel plans!

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