Our Return to Switzerland

Eventually we learned that all the borders would be open on the 6th of July, so we booked our hotel stops and organised our drive back and we left on 7th July.  We were concerned as a couple of days before, a lock down had been imposed again, not far from our route, near Barcelona.  But we decided still to go, and we arrived safely back in Winterthur three days later.  

I had a silly accident on our way, after our first night, as I was bringing things down to the car, to be ready to leave after breakfast.  Stupidly, I miss-judged the stairs and managed to fall down quite a few of them . . . They were extremely hard stairs!  I already had an injury on my leg that was almost better, but it was hit hard once again, in the very same place on my shin!  A few days later I had bruises in several other places too!  The worst was my ankle which swelled up about three days later, yet luckily, I was able to drive, without realising there was any problem with it, I was much more concerned about my shin that remained the most painful.  I was healing rather slowly.  

We had such a lot to do, particularly with our garden, which was in such a dreadful state.  We had to pay for gardeners to come and deal with it all - awfully expensive here in Switzerland!  But I could not have coped with it myself, it was such a relief once it was made more presentable.

News of Maxi and Lexi

We were so pleased to hear from Georgia and Rosa that Maxi and Lexi were still doing well, about a couple of weeks after we had left.  Especially after reading on the Internet, that wild ducklings sadly, are often neglected by their mother, and once left on their own at an early age, 90% will not survive!   Apparently, they cannot fly until they are about 50 days old, but happily they were last seen to fly away.

About Our Pets

My parents always had dogs and cats living together with us, for as long as I can remember, and over the years we had quite a variety.  The most elegant dog we ever had was called 'Cloudy' he was a beautiful white Saluki and full of fun! 

Cloudy Saluki


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