We only fed one with little treats, the other two still came (even though we never fed them) just less frequently.   

A Wild Baby Rabbit

Whilst at La Alcazaba, a few years ago we found a wild baby rabbit in the gardens below our balcony, our neighbour Johanna had seen it and told us about it, so we went down to have a look.  It seemed completely lost, so we took it in, and decided to make enquiries to try to find the owner.  But no one knew anything about it.  So, for a couple of weeks we kept it and fed it.  It was so affectionate, and we decided we would have to try to find a loving home for it.  The only work he gave us was finding and removing all the little droppings in our flat! 

Our daughter Michelle and our granddaughter Melissa were staying with us and all of us took turns at having a cuddle, also my mother Betty loved having him too.  As we would be driving back to Switzerland, we eventually found out that a friend of ours Desmond, had a few rabbits that they kept in their garden, and he agreed to take ours on. 

Cuddles a baby rabbit

A Wild Baby Rabbit Called 'Cuddles'

He decided to put Cuddles in a separate area, so that their larger rabbits would get to know him gradually.  We heard later on that our little Cuddles had become the boss and was quite a cheeky one!  So all ended well.

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