About Our Pets

My parents always had dogs and cats living together with us, for as long as I can remember, and over the years we had quite a variety. The most elegant dog we ever had was called 'Cloudy' he was a beautiful white Saluki and full of fun!

Cloudy with Mum


Another of many attractive dogs was 'Honeybunch' a long-haired miniature Dachshund.



All the cats and dogs always slept together in a big basket in the kitchen/breakfast room, but quite often the cats found their way into my bedroom, in the early hours, and slept with me. I loved having them next to me and I found the cats purring so relaxing. One time, we had two cats (twins) and they would sleep on either side of me. My only problem then was that I was afraid to move in case I would hurt one of them. They would snuggle up close to me, completely under the sheets, and often slept with their heads pressed snuggly against my neck.

I have always been fond of both cats and dogs, and I believe they sense that I like them, as on many occasions, both dogs, and cats that have never known me before, easily come to make friends.

Our last pet was a ginger and white cat we called Winnie; he was with us in our home in Birmingham for 19 years. He was very affectionate, and he always knew when we were about to return home.

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