She seemed genuinely nice and was so delighted, so we introduced her to our neighbours, who told us they have never heard of such an idea, and they agreed that this really is a "Win-win" situation!  

This has been such a relief to me, as before this happened, I was finding it such a back breaking job (partly due now to being older!) and I was thinking that we would have to sell and buy a flat instead, which I knew Trudy did not want to do. 

A Great Friendship that Sadly Ended.

Annecy 2009 - Jenny, Paris, Trudy, John, Helen and Andrew

Together in Annecy 2009.

The last time that we were with Paris and Jenny, we had a lovely time together, Champagne was flowing as usual, and it was wonderful to have Helen and Andrew with us too.  We all stayed at Paris and Jenny's amazing home overlooking the lake of Annecy with the mountains forming the background. 

But after what happened on the last night, our friendship with Paris would never be the same.   So much time has now passed without any kind of contact, we often think of them, as Trudy and I thought we would always be the best of friends with Paris forever, having had so many great times that we both will always cherish.  We were so lucky to have him as a close friend when we did, we have so many good memories, he made life so exciting, and we had so much fun together for so many years!

Since then, we have found other new incredibly good friends, as well as some from the past that have come back into our lives, we do enjoy seeing Helen and Andrew, whenever possible.  So, our lives are still very interesting and we still manage to have plenty of fun, despite Covid-19 that continues to impose too much social distancing. 

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