We really missed dancing and being with family and friends, remaining isolated for so long was not much fun. 

Vaccination Problem

At last a vaccine became available, but only available to governments (who bought as many as possible), we both have always had Private Health Insurance, so we never tried to sign on with the Spanish national health, as we never used any of the national health services, even when we were living in the UK.  But, for the first-time private health has let us down, as it has proved impossible to get vaccinated privately.  

In Spain, as in most of Europe, there were not enough vaccines, so they were only doing those at considerable risk, the oldest and those involved in medical care first.  Trudy and I should have been included in this high-risk group, but as we are not registered here, we have been missed!  So, I contacted the UK and Swiss embassy for help, but was only informed that they would let us know if something could be done for us. 

I obtained the S1 document from the UK to allow me to register with the Spanish National Health, but it seems to take a long time for the registration to be completed.  However, the UK will not issue the form for Trudy, without obtaining a lot of difficult to get information, from the Swiss.   So we have both decided to become Spanish residents and have started the process, but once again this takes time. 

Brexit and Driving

Because of Brexit, I found out my UK driving licence would not be valid within the EU, so I quickly applied to change it for a Spanish one, as after the end of December it would have been far more difficult to do.  What did worry me is that I would have to pass a medical examination first. 

It was a quite extraordinary experience, first they checked my sight the usual way, then I was told to sit in front of a screen at a table with two small handles, about twenty-five centimetres apart. 

The screen, which was white had about a quarter of the screen, on the left-hand side, which was grey.  There was a button on the table, and I was told to watch a small black dot that moved at a constant speed, from the right towards the left, but once it reached the grey area it disappeared from view.  I was told to press the button when I guessed it would have reached the far edge of the screen.  This was done about three times, but each time the speed was increased. 

Next there were two white columns (on either side of the screen) representing two roads within each was a black line, nearly as wide as the column, this represented the car.  Once started each column snaked in all directions independently, and by turning the handles the idea was to keep both black lines within the columns.  Each time the black line touched the border edge of the white column, a buzzer sounded.  I was allowed a short trial run.  Then I was told it would run for a good two minutes and could go faster towards the end. 

I confess I was nervous because the buzzer sounded about five times, and I thought however will we manage if I fail, as Trudy was no longer at ease driving our car.  It was such a relief when I was told I had passed.  I mentioned my concern, having heard the buzzer so many times, but was told I had done well as many others had it buzzing far more often!

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