The home where Trudy's mother lives, was restricted to all visitors.  Worse still, there was no indication of for how long this would last!   We kept in touch by phone frequently, even though we had to persevere, as unfortunately Josephine so often did not hear the phone ringing.   Sometimes she was a bit confused, but generally she is amazing.

Josephine had her 100th Birthday on the 3rd of April, and she was in good form, even though we could not be with her.   For example, we had a long chat with her on the phone, and she was still able to talk to me in English! 

She really did not want too much fuss, as she said she has had so many Birthdays!  Trudy's brother and his wife were only allowed to be with her for 45 minutes.  The home made a special meal for her, and she had lots of presents and good wishes.  She told us she was overwhelmed.   Ten days later Martina together with Edith (from Bad Ragaz, relatives not seen too often), went to make a visit which was so lovely for her. 

Our 52nd Wedding Anniversary

We at last managed to drive back to Winterthur and arrived a week before our wedding anniversary which we celebrated with Josephine.

52nd Wedding Anniversary

So glad to be together again at last.

Trudy and Josephine

We had cakes, some fizz, Cherries, Raspberries, and blueberries.

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