Paris and Jarvis

John Neville Cohen

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Paris Moayedi

Paris's beautiful home

Family Visit to Paris's Beautiful Home

Success with Jarvis 

Success at Jarvis! Paris was voted 'Entrepreneur of the Year' for the UK

Sadly, on our last occasion together, Paris and Jenny had invited us, together with our friends Helen and Andy (that they had only met once before) for a stay at his home in Annecy (with another couple) and whilst we were there, he announced that we would all pay our share for a meal together, at one of the best restaurants in France (very expensive) on the other side of the lake. 

He immediately ordered more than one vintage Champagne and we were all given a menu without any prices!  Paris insisted that we simply choose what we would like, without knowing the cost, I was feeling that this was going to be very embarrassing for us and our friends.  At the end the very large bill was duly shared by us all.  However, Paris had definitely changed, as he had always been so caring and considerate in the past.  But there had been a few earlier incidents that had upset me, that I have no wish to describe, as I far prefer to remember all the great times, and there were many over so many years, that we all enjoyed together.  Since then our friendship came to an abrupt end.

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