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Buy Pictures by John Neville Cohen

Mounted on Aluminium under a 6mm Acrylic glass. No frame is required and the limited edition print is ready to appear to float off the wall.

A certificate of authenticity, with the edition number etc. is also supplied with each You can choose to have the picture any size that you would like, up to a maximum of 59 inches, or 150cm for the longest side.  (150cm x 107cm approx.)

Each picture is limited to an edition of only 8, regardless of the size required.
But the right is also retained to reproduce these pictures as very small size prints (such as for greeting cards).
Greeting Cards

Guidance on what you need to consider when buying Contemporary art.  To have the best chance of finding a great investment.

If Buying Affordable New Contemporary Art, What is Most Likely to Increase in Value?


Price of the largest size Limited Edition Print is 4,700 Euros.


To buy direct (without any commission charges) please email John specifying: -

  • (1)  The Size you would prefer (just state the longest length, maximum 150cm).
    (2)  The picture Name and Number.
    The delivery Address, Postcode and Country.

To check that the picture is still available and to obtain the delivered price, in Euros, without any liability.
The Price for a smaller size will be a little less, than the largest size, due to the reduced delivery and production costs.

Note: because of the number of Internet scams:

All payments are only acceptable through PayPal.  

Delivery is only to the confirmed, or validated address, as registered with your PayPal account.  

Otherwise you can buy only with this and we share all the costs.   

Western Union Transfers will not be accepted.

Privacy Policy                                           Terms and Conditions

The Basic Terms

The picture will be packed flat.  Please provide the picture name and number, your delivery address and indicate the size required with any enquiry, so that the costs of delivery can then be calculated.  

Any import tax will be the buyer's liability (and is not included in the price).  

Any picture purchased, is sold on the clear understanding, that if it is not right for the purchaser (for whatever reason) a full refund will be made on the safe return in perfect condition (within two weeks of the delivery).  Only the return cost of the delivery and insurance is not included.  

Note: The picture is only to be returned by the same form of delivery, in the original special packaging (using all of the protective materials) securely wrapped and packaged.  This right is restricted to just 2 individual works per buyer per year.  

(copying, distribution, leasing, public disclosure, or other analogue, or digital use is not permitted by the purchaser) without prior written consent. 

Please read the complete terms of purchase before any order.   


Pictures that make quite a statement!

"How much better it would be if all these pictures could be shown where they belong, rather than competing with each other on an exhibition wall."


Professionally made to order with gallery-quality mountings at The WhiteWall Laboratory

Please do email John if you require more information, or have any queries.

Painting With Light

New Digital Pictures

Abstract Pictures

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