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My late father George Cohen having enjoyed postage stamp collecting for a number of years, came up with this very different idea, having realised how his friend the late Richard Hillman could paint such wonderfully detailed paintings. 

Richard had painted, just for fun, a copy of one of Dad's mounted stamps so perfectly, that it was only when one tried to lift a corner that one discovered that it was not a real stamp!  

He used at times, a single haired brush to achieve the finest of detail.  

Richard and George in due course created some wonderful stamp album collections, Such as 'The Coronation Series', The 1935 Silver Jubilee Series', Egypt and several others.

Later, together with my late mother Betty Cohen (around 1948 when I was eight years old), they worked on ideas for this album 'Postage Stamps for Little People' that was dedicated to me.   

There is a Pathe Pictorial video (from 1956) still available that shows some of the Albums including this one, here is a link to it: - 
George and Betty Cohen's Stamp Collection


Postage Stamp Collecting
Little People

Concept & Design by George and Betty Cohen
Watercolour Paintings by Richard Hillman.


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