Last Hand Built Cars by the Jensen Brothers

The 541S Manual Drive

A Rare, British, Super Classic . . . Surprisingly Undervalued!

This article (written in 1996) is a personal view


John Neville Cohen

A collector, who was able to use his classic car every day for so many years.

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A phenomenal amount of interest in classic cars a few years ago, caused much to be published and prices to escalate beyond belief.

That was a time when an Aston Martin Zagato, racing car (that never won a race), sold for over a million and a half pounds.  An 'E' type Jaguar commanded as much as 90,000 pounds for what was a mass produced car (and so many were made in the 12 years of production).  It is not so surprising that many enthusiasts were unable to afford an interesting classic.

Since those heady days the situation has changed dramatically, this recession, has now resulted in more sensible prices for most classics.

Trudy and John Neville Cohen's Manual Drive Jensen 541S

Our Very Rare Manual Drive Jensen 541S

Our Jensen 541S featured in The Jensen Owners Club Calendar 1981 John Neeville Cohen

Our Other Manual Drive 541S
Featured on the Jensen Owners Club Calendar 1981

John Neville Cohen'c Special Jensen CV8

Our Special Jensen CV8

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