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The look of these cars when viewed from the side could be said to be reminiscent of early Jaguar cars, head on possibly Aston Martin, and from the rear one thinks of Porsche.  However Jensen developed with the 541S quite an original and distinctive aero dynamic design without any sacrifice to space or comfort.

I still consider it to be one of the most attractive four seater cars of that era that still attracts admiration today.

  Our 1964 Manual Drive Jensen 541S John Neville Cohen

Our Jensen 541S Manual Drive



Readers will by now realise that I rather like these cars, that is certainly true, and we own 5 out of the 22 made.  It will not be easy to buy a good manual 541S as only 15 more at most exist.

They are identified by the chassis number prefix of 102 (there were two prototypes made with the chassis number JM EXP 100 and JM EXP 102).  The hunt would be worthwhile, if one could be found, as such a car would cost less than an ordinary 'E' type Jaguar in reasonable condition.   

My bet is that this situation will not last long.

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