One Man Exhibition in New York

After my time in the USA for my one-man exhibition with Kodak in New York, I continued (at my own cost) to see more of America as I had invitations for more one-man exhibitions and went as far as San Francisco.  For my return flight I had to return to New York before going home and I found out that it would not cost much, if I changed my flight and stopped off in Zurich for a few days.   

At this time Trudy was the manageress of a select very modern Jewellery shop 'Otto Kraska' in the centre of Zurich and in her spare time she had completed a modelling course.

The Kodak Gallery in Grand Central Station New York

The Kodak Gallery in Grand Central Station New York

I really wanted to see Trudy again and to see what her parents were like. 

So, although I had quite a life in New York with a friend Charles Kolker, who was also a bachelor, he organised a different girl for me every night and we went out as a foursome.  He had got to know lots of Pan Am and the TWA air stewardess's (to be an air hostess was glamorous in those days, they only employed the most attractive ones they could find) he kept a little black book and knew exactly who was arriving when and leaving again.  So, there was an endless supply! 

He also tried to persuade me not to marry Trudy (he had never met her), but I was so much in love that he failed.  I flew to Zurich, met her parents, and liked them so much, they were not against Trudy converting and gave me their blessing.  I then organised for Trudy to have work in London and somewhere to stay, whilst we made our plans.

I was invited and voted to join the board of directors of Jacey Cinemas Ltd. (I was 27 years old), as well as a few other cinema companies that Grandpa and Dad controlled.  From then on life was even better. 

One memorable evening happened, because I had taken Trudy for a special meal (I forget what the occasion was) at the Hilton in Park Lane, where we had duck and orange for the main course.  We were both dressed smartly and on leaving the restaurant (on one of the higher floors) I noticed lots of people going into another room, where each of them was handed a glass of Champagne at the door. 

So, I told Trudy to pretend she belongs there, and we will try to gate-crash the party.  No one stopped us or challenged us, and we had plenty of Champagne and food offered to us. 

We did not know anyone there but found out it was a party for Sammy Davis junior and generally people were very friendly.  Later before we left, Sammy Davis junior came to talk to us, obviously having no idea who we were, but he seemed pleased to see us. 

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