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Introduction to The Author
Sir George F. Pollock Bt., M.A., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.A.

Preface & Acknowledgements

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 What Exactly is Needed, by John Neville Cohen

No Darkroom - No Computer Required

What Exactly is Needed?

Transparencies on a Light Box by John Neville Cohen

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The Magic Lantern Article

"How to"
by John N. Cohen M.inst.D.

 Adding Texture by John Neville Cohen

Portrait on Fabrics by John Neville Cohen Texture

Portrait on a Feather, by John Neville Cohen

Page 2.

Adding Texture

Photographing Reflections of projected images, by John Neville Cohen

Distortions of projected images by John Neville Cohen

Page 3.

Distortion & Reflections

Projecting with Crystals

Page 4.

Crystal Patterns

Masking and how the  screen becomes the Subject.

Page 5.

The Subject Becomes The Screen

Using Colour negatives as well as transparencies

Page 6.


Blending with two projectors and masking

Blending with two projectors

Masking with two projectors

Page 7.

Two Projectors and Blending

Spirit of Spring

Blending colour with black and white images

A portrait with a crystal, and an image of splashed paint

Page 8.

Spirit of Spring and Other Examples

Using colour filters to blend.

Three projectors to blend even more.

Page 9.

Filter Blending and More Projectors

Rear projection plus an image projected on to a leaf.

Page 10.

Rear Projection and Inspired Accidents

To The Portfolio

The poetic portfolio consists of an exhibition of 75 photographs.

All created by using these methods from my transparencies, please note the photographs in the portfolio pages are at very low resolution.

To see better examples please have a look at my 'Painting with Light' section.