Religious Problems

There were so many difficulties for us, because of religious problems once we had agreed to get married. 

But rather than describe this trying period, at that time to marry a non-Jew was considered terrible (anyone marrying-out would be ostracised) and my Grandpa Joe was highly respected (All the stained-glass windows in Singers Hill Synagogue are there thanks to him and there are several plaques in his honour.  He was also a founder of a Jewish Masonic Lodge).  

But as my Grandparents and my uncle were totally against such a marriage, I will just say we only succeeded as Trudy, after a lot of studying and help from Reverend Brookes, that involved us in eventually going to Israel, for some months, until finally Trudy was converted in Jerusalem. 

Jewish in Israel

Now Jewish in Israel 

Nicosia Cyprus

We flew together to Nicosia, before coming home and had a few days there to celebrate, as we now considered ourselves engaged.  A funny incident happened on that trip, as I realised our luggage was overweight, I suggested we look out for someone that was travelling light (with little luggage) before checking in, to see if we can persuade him, or her, to book in with us all together, this way we could split the weight allowance between us all (in those days there was nothing like all the security involved now)

Luckily soon after we arrived at Tel Aviv airport, I saw a smart man on his own with just a briefcase, so I got chatting and asked him, he was charming and agreed, so we did not have to pay any extra.  But this meant we would all be sitting together; we did not mind that as we both liked him. 

During the short flight in conversation, he invited us for an evening with him, so that he could show us around and have a meal, as he realised, we had never been before.  Eventually, I asked him what he did in Nicosia.  He then told us that he was the air traffic controller at Nicosia airport!  At first, we thought he was joking, but he wasn't!  We did have an enjoyable evening with him, so strange how such things happen sometimes. 

We married in 1969 when I was 29 years old.  My parents helped us, as they had both become very fond of Trudy and after still having problems with Singers Hill Synagogue, who having accepted Trudy as a fully paid-up member, then told me we still could not get married there, as being a Cohen I was not allowed to marry a proselyte. 

We then resigned from this Synagogue and had to join the Liberal one, where they agreed to marry us once we had both been members for six months and learnt about the differences between the two Synagogues. 

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