At last, our wedding took place, and we had a lovely reception at Mum and Dad's, thankfully the weather had improved after so much rain the week before, the sun came out and the roses bloomed.   

But my Grandparents did not come, nor did Uncle Stanley and Shula.  Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa did accept us, once Michelle arrived, but for many more years Stanley and Shula's side of the family remained rather unfriendly. 

Our honeymoon was in Rhodes, and it was a lovely hotel, we were given the bridal suite but on our first night our bed collapsed!  We called reception and in no time the one leg was fixed properly, it was a prank set up by the hotel.  It happened the moment we both got in, but funny how such things stay in one's memory! 

Honeymoon in Rhodos

Honeymoon in Rhodes

Despite all that was said about mixed marriages (meaning different religious beliefs) unlike so many of my Jewish friends, which ended up divorced, even having married Jewish girls, we have had a wonderful marriage and not long ago celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary. 

Also, we have not restricted ourselves to having only Jewish friends and have found many close friends with other beliefs.  My view is that it is the type of person that matters, so much more, than how religious they might be!  

Paul Morby

Paul Morby, a BBC TV producer, had contacted me after I had won the London Salon Trophy and we first met during my exhibition at the Midlands Art Centre.  He was an enthusiastic photographer and so impressed with my photography.  Having a common interest, we soon became good friends, so much so, that he did all our wedding photography.  

Paul is a great character always very amusing and charming.  I was so delighted when he agreed to do our wedding photography.    I later learnt that he had been most concerned, being aware of my own expertise, but I was also told that he was also proud to have been invited to do it. 

He need not have worried, as he did an excellent job and provided us with a wonderful record and some beautiful studies. 

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