New Ventures

I was often involved in two, or even three things at once, because times were hard and there were even worse recessions in 1990 and 2008 (when unemployment and manufacturing was hit badly).  Answering the phone became difficult as I was not always sure which business was appropriate.  To explain I had a photographic studio, I was selling insurance, publishing CD-ROMs, whilst running a sunbed business, all at the same time!  

Thinking about all I have done, although I never made any big money (certainly nothing like my friend Paris Moayedi's millions), I did manage to provide enough for us to continue with a good lifestyle and to enjoy a high standard of living. 

Some of My Own Handworks

I did not make many things, but I took some classes in wood carving and metal work, and I carved a couple of my own original style of netsuke.

One of them was carved out of a small piece of ebony wood, that I used to create a stylised bat, having seen an ivory stylised owl that sold in auction for over £10,000.  The other one was of a horse in mahogany wood, but it was not particularly good. 

I also made out of a walnut shell, a tiny lacquer box with a ladybird on the lid, just for fun. 

Ebony Netsuke Bat Made by JNC

Ebony Netsuke I Made.


Later, I made an ebony ring for Trudy, I also managed to make a gold ring at the metal class, with a mounted hair crystal stone, that Trudy had kept, just as a loose stone for many years. 

Both of these rings were actually worn by Trudy, on quite a number of occasions, so they could not have been too bad!  But I feel proud that Trudy still has the gold ring and even wears it now and then.

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