Concept for Fashion Display

Promotional Photography for an Exhibition launch by Punn

This was one of six photographs created for a young man's clothing manufacturer.

Miss Manchester United had been booked to appear at their stand for publicity purposes at an exhibition in Manchester. 

John was commissioned to produce a series of photographs suitable for both posters on the stand (and to publish as a calendar) to supply to all their retailers.

The brief details (as they only made clothes for men): -

  • Miss Manchester United was to be included in each photograph.

  • It must be obvious that her fashion was not included for sale.

  • She must not appear nude.

ACTUALITY PhotoDigital

Commercial Photography
John Neville Cohen

. . . so much more than just great photography!

"...regarded as one of Britain's most original photographers."
   The Times

"To Cohen, the impossible in colour merely takes a little longer..."   Photography Year Book


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All of these (and the larger photographs) are at a very low resolution, for speed, and ease of use on the internet.

They are not a true representation of the much higher quality of the original photographs.


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