A prototype table and chairs, but only one chair available

Why isn't this apparently ordinary shot of a table and chairs all that it seems?

When the manufacturer commissioned John to do this shoot (showing it complete with four chairs in time for a trade show) as it was still in the prototype phase, there was only one chair in existence!

John created the original 5" x4" transparency, for the A4 leaflets, prior to the availability of any computer manipulation.

Promotional Photography of a table and 4 chairs, but only one chair was available, by John Neville Cohen

This photograph was created with only one table and one chair by John Neville Cohen.

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"...regarded as one of Britain's most original photographers."
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"To Cohen, the impossible in colour merely takes a little longer..."   Photography Year Book


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All of these (and the larger photographs) are at a very low resolution, for speed, and ease of use on the internet.

They are not a true representation of the much higher quality of the original photographs.


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