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John Neville Cohen

A New Photo CD to Slash Your Design Costs!

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Your own photographic library
Now you can build an in-house photographic library of scanned images ready for immediate use. PHOTOBACKINGS 100 for PC and Apple Macintosh computers with CD-ROM drives.

Copyright free
These new photographs have been created specifically for designers, on fine grain transparency film, by an International award winning photographer John Neville Cohen.    All 100 colour correct digital background photographs are copyright-free to manipulate, reproduce or publish (up to 10,000) straight off the disc.

Very high resolution
The resolution is high enough for publication up to A4 bleed size (297 x 420mm) with no loss of definition.   Five file sizes (up to 18 mb.) of every photograph are available.

Comparative value
PHOTOBACKINGS 100 when originally priced at US$398.00 provided 100 photographs for the price of just one from a photo library.   To look at it another way, you gained 99 free photos, as soon as you've used just one picture!

Exceptional quality
By using the same original transparency film, found best to match the scanning software, for all of the photographs (no duplicates) - the highest quality has been achieved.

Many Photo CD images lack this exceptional quality because the films have not been scanned with the software programme best suited to the film brand.

Other discs may be disappointing because of poor photography, choice of film or subject matter.  As a guide, all the pictures in the booklet were printed from colour separations made directly from the disc, not from the original transparencies.    Note also that the cover pictures were reproduced from only small parts of these photographs.

Publication exposure
The 10,000 run limit is not just to negotiate an extra fee (indeed there might not be any charge) but to ensure that the information will be available to future users regarding:- 

  • (a) The types of use to date.

    (b) The volume and type of exposure of any particular photograph.


Colour control
Unlike other discs, PHOTOBACKINGS 100 has a colour density card which was photographed with the same film and scanned to disc at the same time (picture number 101) as all the other 100 background photographs, which provides very accurate colour balance control.

Very welcome just email John.  Designers have been very impressed with the pictures on this disc.  Market research shows that most designers found more than one use within the first month of ownership.

Two purchasers admit they changed their original ideas because of this disc - evidence of how such an interesting selection of background photographs can even prove quite inspiring!

See the Press Release Information - About yet another first for John Neville Cohen!




Contact 1 'PhotoBackings 100, by John Neville Cohen       Contact 2 'PhotoBackings 100, by John Neville Cohen

Contact 3 'PhotoBackings 100, by John Neville Cohen

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Contact sheets

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